The Ford Protect PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan is 100% backed by Ford Motor Company.
• Ford-authorized parts are used for repairs
• Factory-trained and certified technicians
• Service provided at authorized Ford or Lincoln dealerships in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

The Protection Plan is covered on all Ford Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Electrical Vehicles

The Ford Protect PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan is there with 24-hour Roadside Assistance when the unexpected happens.
• Towing Assistance (up to $100 per occurrence)
• Emergency Travel Expense (up to $500 within the first 3 days per occurrence)
• Destination Assistance (up to $75)
• Rental Vehicle Benefits includes up to 10 days of rental coverage for a covered repair

Enjoy your vehicle worry-free, long after your New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires.
• With more than 1,000 components covered, you're protected for covered repairs down the road

The Ford Protect PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan is 100% transferable. Your Ford Protect PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan is transferable, so if you ever decide to sell your vehicle, the new owner can take advantage of the same great coverage. This added benefit may help attract potential buyers, plus it could bring an increased resale value for you. Transfer fee and restrictions apply.

Drive On with Key Services Option.
The Ford Protect PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan offers a Key Services Option that protects you against lost, stolen and destroyed keys or key fobs.
•• If your key and/or fob are...
• Misplaced
• Damaged and will not work
• Locked in your vehicle

•• Your plan will ...
• Replace your key and/or fob
• Reprogram your key and/or fob - Not available in all states.

With Ford Protect PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan, you can protect your vehicle for up to the earlier of 8 years or 150,000 miles. That's well beyond the New Vehicle Limited Warranty that comes with your vehicle. With the high cost of parts and unexpected repairs that come with owning a vehicle, it just makes sense to protect your investment with Ford Protect PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan.


The Ford Protect PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan is the affordable way to limit your out-of-pocket expenses and protect yourself from high vehicle repair costs.
• Pay only the deductible amount you selected when it comes time to make a covered repair
• May increase the resale value of your vehicle if you ever decide to sell, because this coverage is 100% transferable (Transfer fee and restrictions apply)
• 0% APR interest-free Installment Payment Plan with flexible payment options is available when the extended service plan is not included in the vehicle financing; everyone qualifies, making it the smart choice

The Ford Protect PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan is so comprehensive, it's easier to refer you to what isn't covered - here are the highlights:
Other Components and Repairs - Fabric, liners, fasteners, carpets, dash pad, wiper blades, knobs, trim, upholstery, physical damage or cosmetic issues, repairs covered by manufacturer recalls, any insurance or if the vehicle is within the time and mileage limits of any warranty, repairs caused by improper unreasonable use, unauthorized alterations or modifications of the
vehicle, and repairs caused by lack of required or recommended maintenance. Costs or expenses for the tear down, rental expense, inspection or diagnosis of failures not covered by this Agreement. Refer to contract for details.

Repairs Related to Your Maintenance Requirements - Items listed in your vehicles owner guide. Examples include: batteries of all types and cables, belts, hoses, hose clamps, brakes (front hub, drums, shoes, linings, disc rotors, pads), manual transmission clutch disc, exhaust system (includes catalytic converter), spark plugs, squeaks, rattles, tires, wheel balancing, wheel alignment, all lamps and lights (LED and HID lights, bulbs, sealed beam and lenses) except when purchased with New or Incomplete PremiumCARE Interior/Exterior Lighting Option, fogging of lamp assemblies, shock absorbers, service adjustments and cleaning, and scheduled maintenance services. Generally Covered by Your Auto Insurance - Examples include: fixed (non-moving) body parts, bumpers, glass, moldings, ornamentation, paint, rust, sheet metal, structural underbody framework,
side and rear view mirrors (glass and housing), water leaks, wind noise, weather strips, wheels, wheel studs, wheel covers, convertible top and bow.

Here is a List of the Parts Covered:

 • All Internally Lubricated Parts
• Cylinder Block
• Cylinder Heads
• Diesel Fuel Injectors
• Diesel Injector Lines
• Diesel Injector Pump
• Diesel Lift Pump
• Engine Mounts
• Flywheel
• Flywheel Ring Gear
• Fuel Tank and Metal Lines
• Gas Fuel Injectors
• Gas Injector Lines
• Harmonic Balancer and Bolt
• Manifold (Exhaust and Bolts)
• Manifold Intake and Bolts
• Oil Pan
• Oil Pump
• PCM Module
• Radiator
• Radiator Fan (Clutch or Motor)
• Seals and Gaskets
• Thermostat
• Thermostat Housing
• Timing Chain Cover
• Timing Chain (Gears or Belt)
• Turbocharger/ Supercharger Unit (Factory-Installed)
• Valve Covers
• Water Pump

 • All Internally LubricatedParts
• Release Hubs and Bearings
• Seals and Gaskets
• Torque Converter
• Transfer Case (Including All Internal Parts)
• Transmission Case
• Transmission Linkage
• Transmission Module (External)
• Transmission Mounts

 • LED lighting or Lamp Assemblies - Interior and Exterior   
  (Factory Installed)*
• Alternator
• Audiophile Sound System
• Charge and Volt Gauges
• Clock (Electric)
• Control Trac® 4WD System
• Driver's Seat Position Sensor
• Dual-Zone Electronic Auto Temp Control
• Electronic Ignition Module
• Fuel Pump
• Heated Backglass (Electrical Only - Not Glass Damage or
• High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps**, Igniter, Ballast
• Ignition Coil and Lock
• Ignition Module (Electric)
• Ignition Switch
• Incandescent/Halogen Bulbs - Interior and Exterior*
• Intelligent 4WD Systems
• Power Mirrors (Electrical Only - Not Mirror or Glass Damage or Bulbs)
• Power Running Boards
• Radiator Fan Relay
• Rear Window Power Sunshade
• Speedometer/Odometer



• Starter Motor
• Starter Motor Solenoid
• Switches (Manually Operated Electrical)
• Temperature Gauge
• Voltage Regulator
• Wiper-Activated Headlamps
• Wiper Motors
• Wiring Harnesses (Excluding Spark Plug Wires)


• Anti-Lock Brake Module and Sensor
• Backing Plates
• Brake Booster (Power)
• Calipers
• Combination Valve
• ETA Pump Hose Assembly
• Metal Lines and Fittings
• Master Cylinder
• Parking Brake Linkage and Cables
• Retainers and Clips
• Self-Adjusters
• Shaft (Brake Pedal)
• Springs
• Wheel Cylinders


• Ball Joints (Upper and Lower)
• Control Arms (Upper and Lower)
• Control Arm Shafts and Bushings
• Kingpins and Bushings
• Linkage and Bushings
• Load Leveler Suspension System
• MacPherson Struts
• Roll Stability Control
• Spindle and Spindle Support Springs
• Stabilizer Bar
• Axle Shafts
• Bearings (Front and Rear)
• Rear: Drive Axle Housing and Front Axle Housing for 4x4
(Including All Internal Parts)
• Front: Final Drive Housing and Rear Axle Housing for AWD
(Including All Internal Parts)
• Driveshaft
• Hubs, Automatic Front Locking (Four-Wheel Drive)
• Locking Rings (Four-Wheel Drive)
• Seals and Gaskets
• Universal and Constant Velocity Joint



 • Air Check Valve Assembly
• Air Control Valve
• Air Idle Vacuum Valve
• Air Supply Valve (Hose and Tube)
• Barometric Pressure Sensor
• DEF System (Excludes Catalyst)
• ECC Relay Assembly
• EGR Control Valve
• EGR Pressure Sensor
• EGR Regulator Asy
• EGR Valve Adapter
• Electronic Throttle Cntrl
• EVAP Vapor Storage Canister
• Idler Air Control Valve
• Knock Sensor
• Mass Air Flow/Intake Air Temp Sensor
• Oxygen Sensor
• PCV Hose Assembly
• PCV Valve
• PCV Vapor Filter
• Reductant Urea System
• Temperature Sensor (Engine Coolant)
• Vacuum Restrictor
• VAF Sensor
• Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) Phasers


 • A/C Accumulator
• A/C Clutch
• A/C Clutch Bearings
• A/C Compressor
• A/C Compressor Clutch Switch
• A/C Compressor Head
• A/C Compressor Seals
• A/C Condenser
• Auto Temp Control
• Evaporator
• Field Coil
• Heater Blower Motor
• Heater Control Assembly
• Heater Core Assembly
• Instrument Panel Registers and Air Ducts
• Pulley


 • Adaptive Cruise Control
• Adaptive Headlamp System (Excluding Lamp Housing, Bulbs)
• Air Suspension (Selected Electronic Components)
• Anti-Theft Alarm (Factory-Installed)
• Auto Lock and Auto Unlock System
• Automatic Park Assistant
• FordLink™ System
• Ford Work Solutions Asset Security (if equipped)
• Forward Sensing Sys
• Fuel Mixer (Alternative)
• In-Dash Garmin® Voice-Activated Navigation System (Factory-Installed and Dealer)
• Instrument Cluster (Excluding Dash Pad)
• Intelligent Oil Life Monitor® System
• Keyless Entry System (Excluding Door Handles)
• Message Center
• Parallel Park Assist Sys
• Power Antenna
• Power Door Locks and Retainer Clips (Excludes Door Handles)
• Power Seat Motors
• Power Window Motors/ Regulators
• Rain-Sensing Wipers
• Rear Console Refrigeration
• Reverse Camera Sys
• SecuriCode™ Keyless Entry
• SecuriLock® Passive Anti- Theft Ignition System
• Sensor (Alcohol)
• SOS Post-Crash Alert System
• Speed Control
• Stationary Elevated Ride Control
• SYNC® MyFord Touch® (Excludes Software
• Trailer Brake Module
• Unique Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Components
(Excluding High-Voltage Battery and Cables)

 • Antenna, Radio (Base Assembly)
• Brackets
• Cables and Wiring
• Cellular Phone, Receiver, Handset, Speaker Assembly and Antenna (Factory-Installed)
• Compass and Therm Readout Displays
• Controls (Rear Seat)
 • Radio (AM, AM/FM), Speakers, Cassette Player, Digital CD Player, Graphic Equalizer, Premium Sound Amplifier
• Rear Entertainment System (Factory-Installed)


• Airbag Module Assembly
• Blind Spot Info Sys (Electrical Only - Not Mirror or Glass Damage or Bulbs)
• Collision Avoidance Sys
• Cross-Traffic System
• Diagnostic Module Assembly (Airbag)
• Door Ajar Warning Switch Assembly
• Guides, Bezels, Brackets and Supports (Safety Belts/Shoulder Straps)
• Head Restraint Retainers and Sleeves (Safety Belt)
• Key, SecuriLock® (Microchip-Encoded Key)
• Lane Depart Warning
• Lock Cylinder (Door)
• Lock Lever Asy (Door)
• Lock Lever Assembly (Tailgate)
• Lock Lever Retainers, Clips and Brackets
• Module (Passive Restraint)
• Safety Belt Buckle (Front and Rear)
• Safety Belt Motor Drive Assembly
• Safety Belt Restraint Carrier
• Safety Belt Retractors
• Safety Belt Track Asy
• Safety Belt Warning Chime Assembly
• Safety Canopy
• Sensors (Airbag)
• Shoulder Strap Track Assembly
• Wiring Asy (Airbag)

 • Column Lock (Tilt Wheel)
• Control Valve
• Cooler and Metal Lines
• Electronic Power-Assisted Steering
• Idler Arm
• Power Steering Pump/ Electric Power Steering Actuator
• Pulley Assembly
• Seals and Gaskets
• Steering Column
• Steering Gear Housing, Manual and Power (Including All Internal Parts)
• Steering Shaft
• Underbody Linkages and Couplings